Experienced Criminal Defense Attorneys for College Students in North Texas, Denton, Frisco, and Lewisville

defense for college studentsYou slowly open your eyes; look around; and realize you are not in your dorm room or at your buddy’s frat house. In fact, it looks almost like you are in a holding cell. But, that can’t be right. You were just at the football game with your buddies 10 minutes ago. The game was tied 10-10; State just muffed a punt, and the stadium was packed. And then, it gets a little fuzzy.  Slowly, and painstakingly, you look around the room again. Oh boy. Something is definitely not right here. You think you may get sick, but the wave of nausea passes – for now. It begins to dawn on you . . .you are in fact, in a holding cell.

As you begin to process that little nugget, you slowly lower your head to your hands, where you promptly come across a big, thick, bandage stuck over your right eyebrow. That can’t be blood, can it? Oh dear. This is not how you expected to start your day, or your week, semester, or your freshman year. You have a sinking feeling you are going to miss basketball practice today.

OK, so the story is a bit dramatic. But at the same time, this exact scenario plays out time and time again across college and university campuses each and every weekend. You know that a tiny lapse in judgment can lead to disastrous consequences; especially when that lapse of judgment develops into a crime or some sort of criminal activity. POOF! Future GONE. Just like that.

Legal Solutions for College Students in Texas: Defense of College Students in a Wide Range of Criminal Matters & Student Disciplinary Proceedings

We know that college students are all-too capable of making less-than-ideal decisions from time to time. We also know that we work tirelessly on their behalf to ensure that a young adult’s bad decision does not have to ruin his or her life and future.

If you are a college student faced with criminal charges, don’t wait for someone to come to you to try and help. Reach out to our experienced college criminal defense attorneys today!!! At The Law Office of Gregory C. Goline, PLLC, we have extensive experience successfully defending college students against many different criminal charges. We also routinely assist students to navigate university conduct hearings. Don’t take a chance with your future. Contact us today!

Protecting Your Future

In Denton, it’s fairly common for local college students to require legal representation at some point in their college careers. We handle many different criminal and administrative matters on behalf of our college student clients, including but not limited to the following:

  • DWI and related offenses
  • Drug-related DWI
  • Failure to Provide Identification
  • Resisting arrest
  • Sexual assault
  • Criminal mischief
  • Drug charges including
    • Possession of Marijuana*****
    • Possession with Intent to Deliver
  • Minor in consumption
  • Minor in possession
  • Supplying Alcohol to a Minor
  • Public intoxication and/or Disorderly conduct
  • Hazing and related offenses

Texas Does Not Give a Pass to College Students

Texas is tough on all crimes, regardless of age, background, etc. This is particularly true when it comes to drug crimes – including those committed by college students. Associated charges can range from simple misdemeanors to high-level felonies. If a student is charged with selling marijuana to another student, the penalties are even more severe.

*****Even though some states have legalized marijuana, Texas has not done so. It is so important for everyone, especially college students, to understand the distinction. Marijuana possession charges are very common; and penalties may be significant.*****

Local, Knowledgeable Defense for College Students: Contact Us Today

The Law Office of Gregory C. Goline, PLLC is a local firm deeply involved in the community. For many  years, our legal team has gained significant experience representing the college and university students of North Texas in many different matters.  Our cases vary greatly in terms of complexity; and our college student clients face a huge range of possible penalties and life consequences.

Our attorneys offer compassionate and patient counsel to students and parents.  We have developed a proven track record of positive results for student defense cases, both at the university level and in the criminal justice system.  When a student’s future is on the line, you need experienced, local representation.

Regardless of the type or seriousness of the crime you (or your college student)  may face, whether you need a Denton DWI Lawyer or a legal help with a drug crime, call us today at (940) 514-8113. Schedule a complimentary consultation where we can discuss possible options.